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Product                            Finish                           Thickness mm                              Sheet Size mm

Plain Sheet                       Bright  (CR)                    0.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0                    2000 x 1000

Plain Sheet                       Black  (HR)                     3.0                                               2000 x 1000


Mild steel sheet is used extensively in the manufacure of motor vehicles, white goods, construction products and general metal fabrication. Mild steel sheet is an economical material but it does normally require a protective and decorative finish to add appeal and prevent corrosion. Mild steel sheet can be finished by many methods.

                             Mild Steel sheet can be painted, there are hundreds of specifications covering this process and materials. There are

                             two main systems which are liquid and  powder  coating.

                            Mild steel sheet can be plastic coated with nylon, polythene and pvc for example.

                            Mild steel sheet can be galvanised, this process involves alloying the top surfaces of the steel sheet with molten zinc.

                            Mild steel sheet can also be electroplated with chrome, nickel, cadmiun and tin for example.

Mild steel sheet can typically be joined with mechanical fixings or welded by methods including spot welding, arc welding. mig welding, silver soldering.


Mild steel sheet is manufactured generally in two grades, cold rolled and hot rolled.

                              Hot rolled mild steel sheet is the initial product produced by the steel mill as a downstream process prior to further

                              processing such as cold rolling.

                              Hot rolled mild steel sheet has a mill scale which is usually black in colour. Hence the common name Black Mild

                              Steel Sheet.

                              Black mild steel sheet is commonly used in fabrication shops, it is more economical than cold rolled mild steel sheet.

                              Black mild steel sheet will usualy require more preparation work prior to any finishing system being applied.

                              Hot rolled mild steel sheet is deignated by the prefix "HR"

                              Cold Rolled Steel Strip is produced, as the term suggests by the further rolling of strip produced by the hot strip mills.

                              Prior to cold rolling, the mill scale has to be removed, normally by the Pickling Process which uses mechanical

                              manipulation (around small diameter rolls) and acid to dissolve the surface scale. The surface is then washed

                              to remove the acid and a light oil added to prevent rusting.

Cold rolling is done to:

                                            Reduce the thickness

                                            Improve the surface finish                                           

                                                      Improve the thickness tolerances

                                            To offer a range of "tempers"

                                            As a preparation for surface coating


Cold Rolled Mild Steel Sheet has a bright finish and is designated by the prefix "CR"



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