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Aluminium Sheets                      

MeatslSheets are aluminium sheet supplires to all sectors of industry, education, craftworkers and the public. We sell part sheets, full sheets and cut to size. A selection of pre-cut sizes are available in our Online Store.                 Enquire / Request a Quote

Our Product                         Finish                 Thickness mm                                     Max Sheet Size mm

Natural                                              Semi Bright                  0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0                  2000 x 1000

5 Bar Chequer Plate               Semi Bright           1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.5*                                  2500 x1250, *(2000 x 1000)

Brushed                                             Dull Polish                   1.2                                                                           2000 x 1000

Mirror                                   Bright Polished             1.2                                                                           2000 x 1000 

Embossed                                         Stucco                           0.8                                                                           2500 x 1250 

Silver                                                Anodised                      1.5                                                                            2500 x 1250 

Perforated 3mm dia holes      Natural                  1.0                                                        2000 x 1000

Perforated 5mm dia holes      Narural                   2.0                                                       2000 x 1000

 Chequer Plate                 Stucco                          Perforated


Bright Polised                  Silver Anodised               Brushed Finish


Aluminium General

Aluminium has a very good weight to strength ratio and is used entensively in all fields of engineering

Aluminium is the most commonly occuring metal on the planet and is the most widely used metal after steel, it is none toxic and is used widely with food and pharmaceutical products. Aluminium is also a good reflector of light and this can be improved by having the aluminium sheet polished.

Stucco aluminium has been used in set make overs to re-cover doors for this years shooting of Missfits Series 3

Aluminium Tread Plate

Also known as Treadplate, Floor Plate, Chequer Plate, Checkered Plate, Chequered Floor Plate, Checker Plate and Check Plate.

Chequer Plate has many applications but its main use is for protection. Its decorative and industrial appearance also generates interest with designers and it can often be found included in architecture and the decor of buildings.

It is a very hard wearing and strong grade of aluminium, Alloy 5754, it has excellant corrosion resiatance and will withstand sea water and much polution. Grade 5754 is excellant for welding and cold working. 

Typical applications for Chequer Plate

                           Floor Covering for hygene and slip resistance

                           Wall and Column Protection to prevent impact damage where hand trucks,

                           trolleys, sack carts etc are operated.

                           Door Protection as kick plates or as a full door cladding

                           Commercial Vehicle and Vans

                           Access Ramp covering for wheelcahirs

                           Livestock Trailer tailgate ramps and flooring.

                           Landrover and other 4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle body protection, bonnets, wings,

                           sills, corners, floors, bumpers, mud flaps, door plates, side plates, load area plates

                           Truck Bed Tool Boxes 

                           Stair Treads, Step Ladders, Walkways

                           Shop Front facias for vandal protection     

Plain Semi Bright

 Metal Sheets stock of plain aluminium sheet comprises mainly of alloy grade 1050. It is commercially pure aluminium and is resistant to chemical attack and weathering. It is easy to cold work and weld.

 Grade 1050 is used extensively in general fabrication and for architectural products such as flashings, pressings, cills, soffits and cappings because of its ease of fabrication and excellant powder coating qualities.

Aluminium sheet is also used for artistic expression:,

Aluminium Series and Alloying Elements and Grade References

1000 Series       Pure Aluminium            1050 / 1200

2000 Series       Copper                       2014

3000 Series       Manganese                 3013

4000 Series       Silicon Alclad               4343 / 4015

5000 Series       Magnesium                  5251

6000 Series       Magnesium                  6063 / 6082

8000 Series       Others 

All information is given in good faith but without warranty, no liability will be accepted by the company for the use of any materials over which it has no control. Fitness for purpose is the responsibility of the customer.


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