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Classic Copper and Antimicrobial Copper

Metalsheets manufactures for the hospititality trade and private commissions using antimicrobial copper. We make table tops, bar tops, counter tops, copper doors, splashbacks, interior design features, push/finger plates and kickplates and we sell the high quality copper sheet that we use ourselves.

For the building trade we make copper roof flashings, architectural features, pressings, roofing soakers, bonded panels and more.

New - Copper splashbacks are now available in classic natural copper, brushed copper, mirror copper, beaten copper, ditressed copper

Metal Sheets are copper sheet metal suppliers to all sectors of industry, feature film studios, health, education, craft work, jewelry making and general public. We sell part sheets, full sheets and cut to size. A selection of pre cut and sample sizes are available in our online store

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Stock              Finish                            Thickness mm                                      Sheet Size mm

Natural                   Semi Bright                                 0.4*, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0        2000 x 1000 (*1200 x 600)

Natural                   Semi Bright                                 1.2mm                                              3000 x 1000 (new size)

Natural                   Semi Bright                                 1.2mm                                              8ft x 4ft (2438 x 1219)

Mirror                     Bright Polished                            0.5, 0.9, 1.2 (other thickness' to order)       2000 x 1000, 

Dull Polish              Brushed                                       (all thickness' to order)                          2000 x 1000

Verdigris                Green Pre-weathered                     0.7                                                      2000 x 1000

Hand Beaten          Polished                                      0.7                                                       2000 x1000


  Verdegris                   Natural                         Mirror                            Bronze Patina            Hand Beaten

 Brushed               Distressed            Aged with Bronze overtones

          Larger Pics can be viewed on our Flickr

Metalsheets predominantly stocks what is probably the best copper sheet in the world, the aesthetic appearance is unsurpassed and the quality is consistent, it is produced by KME.  There are many inferior products on the market, "you get what you pay for" .................

  The name "copper" stems from the Roman era when the metal was called "aes cyprium" , meaning "ore from Cyprus". This resulted in the word "cuprum", the chemical symbol "Cu" and the English word "copper". Information courtesy of Aurubis another of our high quality copper suppliers;

 Metalsheets supplied natural copper sheet for prop making in the Hammer House of Horror film The Quiet Ones which is the sequal to The Woman in Black.

Recently Ricker Restaurants have invested in bespoke design Bronzed Copper Table Tops.

The Source Battersea restaurant has recently installed our Bronzed Copper panels to its bar front. This will be featured in the new Premier Hospitality Magazine early 2014.

Our copper can also be used in artistic surface design, visit the "Metal Wall Covering" page to view Anastasia Cederstrema' s creations with copper  currently being exhibited at The Surface Design Shows in London.

Copper sheet is very corrosion resistant and has a diverse range of applications because of its unique properties. Copper sheet metal is easy to form into complex shapes. Aged copper acquires an appealing natural greenish patina when used outdoors which protects the metal from further corrosion.

An interesting new book just discovered by MetalSheets, "The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals: A Manual for Fine Metalworkers, Sculptors and Designers" is available from Amazon. This book contains dozens of chemical recipes with which to treat a wide range of metals along with colour pictures of the results............ feedback in due coarse.

For jewellers and craftworkers an interesting guide to copper thickness can be found on the web, it is by an american company Basic Copper.   An approximate conversion to gauges can be found here.

Copper sheet is a good conductor of heat and the best conductor of electricity after silver.

Copper can be alloyed with tin, zinc and lead to form a range of brasses each with different properties.

Copper is a totally recyclable and green metal and only a fraction of the earths reserves have been mined thus making copper perfect for a sustainable world.

Copper has natural antibacterial properties, the growth of bacteria on the surface of the sheet is greatly slowed and there is a markedly lower  population density than on traditional metals like stainless steel. This makes copper an additional defense against infections. Copper sheet metal can be used in kitchens as work surfaces, splash backs, trims, push plates and kick plates for example. This antibacterial property of copper is now being sucessfully exploited by the NHS to reduce infections in hospitals. manufacture a range of antibacterial copper sheet metal products including push plates.

Copper is also used as a biocide to control pests on plants. It is often used to remove fungi that grow on leaves. In France copper fungicide is used on vines that produce grapes for wine.

Copper tube is used for water pipes and central heating systems beacuse it does not corrode and is ductile so it is easy to bend and shape..

Copper has been used to make coins for centuries, coins are passed from hand to hand innumerable times and because of its antibacterial properties this diminishes the chances of passing on infections.

Copper is non-alergenic and often people wear bracelets made from it to improve their health. Artheritis sufferers claim copper bracelets makes them feel better.

Typical applications of copper sheet metal are roofing, heat exchangers, heat sinks, radiators, gaskets, electrical contacts, electrical busbars, jewelery, architectural features, decorative features, splash backs, ornaments, restaurant interiors.

Used outdoors copper sheet metal will gradually change through shades of brown to a black brown  before developing a blue green patina, this may take up to 10 years but adds character to building features such as a roofing and cladding.

Grade C106 copper, (Metalsheets main stock), is a 99.9% pure general purpose copper, it is a phosphorus-deoxidised copper that has good welding and brazing properties but reduced electrical conductivity. It finds many applications in general engineering particularly in chemical environments due to its good corrosion resistance, it is tough, malleable and ductile, it has excellant cold working properties and performs well with bending, riveting, soldering and brazing.

Grade C103 copper is 99.9% pure, it is oxygen free high conductivity electrical quality copper. It is mainly used for electrical busbars.

Grade C101 copper is 99.9% pure, it is electrolytic tough pitch copper with the addition of controlled amounts of oxygen, it is an electrical grade copper

Unless specified, Metalsheets will supply copper sheet purcheses in either C101, C103 or C106, depending what is currently on stock but without designation

Copper Specification Cross References

Copper Alloy                  BS                      CEN                               UNS

Cu-OF                           C103                  CW008A                        C10200

Cu-DHP                         C106                  CW024A                       C12200

Cu-ETP                          C101                   CW004A                      C11000



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