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Metal Sheets sells zinc sheet and manufactures for the hospititality trade and private commissions. We make table tops, bar tops, counter tops, clad doors, interior design features.

Zinc sheet metal is traditionally used to create distinctive long lasting architectural building features and finials but it is increasingly being used in interior design to create rustic charm and character in features such as tabletops, counter tops, kitchen units, advertising display and wall cladding.

MetalSheets are zinc sheet importers, distribtors and suppliers to the trade, (and public), sheet widths up to 1100mm, (very competitive prices), and we manufacturer zinc products.

We supply zinc sheet in natural, preweathered and intersting patinas to give distressed, aged and other interesting effects.  

In nature, bright zinc sheet on a roof will develop a light grey patina typically in 6 months to 2 years depending on the atmosphere. This patina naturally reduces the corrosion rate to about 1 micron of metal per year so a 0.8mm thick zinc sheet should last around 80 years.

Zinc cladding and flashings for roofing are becoming more popular for replacing stolen lead flashings because they are about 40% lighter in weight compared with the same thickness lead. The scrap price is about 50% less than lead so there is much less incentive to steal tham. We stock preweathered zinc sheet so waiting for nature to take its course can be side stepped. 

MetalSheets provided over  a tonne of natural zinc sheet cut to size for Elementary Productions to be used for the creation of sets in Sherlock Holmes 2, it was used for cladding walls, floors & roof of buildings such that after patination it would achieve the period look. The new film now in production Heart of the Sea has used our Zinc Sheet in scene creations.

Celebrity chef Raymond Blanc has also included our zinc table tops in his restaurants, MetalSheets have manufactured many zinc clad table tops for Mr Blanc.

Past projects we have manufactured for include interior design for  La Taska, newly opened Gourmet Burger Kitchen Islington and Soho,  Malmaison Manchester, Pret A Mange, Selfridges Sweaty Betty London ,  Chopstix , Sweaty Betty Grenwich New York  , Royal Albert Hall


Offcuts of our zinc sheets are now being recycled by The Goldfinger Factory 

All our zinc is of European origin to specification EN988.

Our zinc is also suitable for printing, etching and stencil makering.

Zinc sheet metal gauge is different to steel, aluminium etc. 13zg = 0.8mm, 14zg = 0.9mm, 15zg = 1.0mm, 19zg = 1.5mm. 

Stock                   Finish                    Thickness mm          Sheet Size

Natural                     Semi Bright           0.8                             2m x 1.1m, 2.5m x 1.1m, 3m x 1.1m, 15m coil x 1.1m

Natural                     Semi Bright           1.0                             2m x 1m, 3m x 1m

Natural                    Semi Bright        1.2                             2m x 1.1m

Natural                     Semi Bright           1.5                             2m x 1.1m, 3m x 1m

Pre-Weathered         Mid Grey                0.8                            2m x 1m

Solder                      Lead free pre-fluxed        1.5 dia             coils of 2.5m

We manufacture for the building trade Zinc Pressings, ZincCills, Zinc Soakers, Zinc Valleys, Zinc Cappings, Zinc Abutments and Zinc Gutters

We manufacture for interior designer Zinc Table Tops, Zinc Bar and Counter Tops amd more. Trade and Private Comissions 

 Finishes: Natural sheet is semi bright, direct from the rolling mill, Quartz is pre-weathered under controlled factory conditions, it has a consistant even patination. Hand Patina is created by manually applying chemicals, it is not a controlled process, each style will vary from sheet to sheet. Brasilia and nova are pre-weathered structured finishes. Noir is pre-weathered.

 Natural                       Quartz                        Light Patina             Dark Patina              Structure Brasilia       Structure Nova            Noir


Brasilia and Nova zinc sheet are new, they are 3D textured surfaces, quite unlike anything else in zinc. This is unique and offers designers and architects a new tool in design. Horizontally Brasilia gives the impression of wind blowing over the surface of a lake, held vertically its a lot like tree bark.

Our zinc sheet is manufactued to EN988 using 99.5% pure zinc. 

Zinc sheet metal fabrication is becoming more popular with architects for applications like roofing, flashings, cappings, soakers, valleys, abutments and gutter line products. Zinc is compatible with aluminium and stainless steel and can be included in building features, it does not require any finishing and will last for generations without maintenance. Zinc is totally recycleable and 30% of the total zinc production is from recycled metal.

Zinc was discovered in the 16th centuary and began commercial production in the 18th centuary in the UK and Europe. Though being used in Europe for many years increased awareness of its technical properties and the aesthetic appeal of zinc sheet is causing its use to expand in the UK.

Zinc also makes appealing table tops and counter tops, zinc acquires a natural patina over time which adds to the charm of the metal though it can be easily re-polished back to its natural bright finish. Zinc counter tops and table tops are traditionally used in seafood and oyster bars. The sheet should be mounted on a backing board such as good quality birch plywood, or sealed MDF.

You Tube Videos on Zinc Table / Countertop manufacture:  (no waranties implied, h&s amd msds must be observed)

Zinc Countertop Top 1 Install                                  

Zinc Counter Top 2 Install 

Zinc Counter Top with a Press Brake and Gluing Down     

Zinc Sheet Cutting and Bending                          

Zinc Sheet Soldering                            

Zinc Sheet Finishing                                 

Zinc Sheet Patina                            

Zinc Sheet Patina Colours                            


Zinc sheet is relatively soft and will bear the witness marks of use. Slight dents and abrasions will occur during use and these need to be appreciated as an intrinsic part of the character of the metal. If a prestine appearance is required an alternative material should be considered such as stainless steel.

Zinc is reactive to acidic foods and other substances that come into contact during use. It must be appreciated that natural zinc is  a "living" material and discoloration becomes part of the desirable character.

Zinc work surfaces can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution, avoid chlorides and abrasive compounds. Stains can be reduced using vinegar.

Mastics and adhesives compatible with zinc sheet are Polyurethane, non-acetic silicone and MS Polymers. The stock a suitable range of adhesives and mastics.

Zinc can be polished for example with scotchbrite or normal polishing compounds to produce a variety of finishes which can then be left to patinate or sealed with beeswax or Sheila Shine metal polish to reduce further patination.

Zinc sheet can be used as an alternative to stainless steel for kitchen splashbacks.

Zinc and copper sheet are metals traditionally used to make weather cocks and weather vanes.

Zinc strips can be used on roofs to inhibit the growth of moss and algae

Zinc sheet can be joined using soldering techniques or glued with waterproof epoxy.

Zinc is an ideal metal for manufacturing building finals and outdoor artwork. 

On a health note zinc is a safe metal and an essential trace element for humans, animals and plants. It is vital for many biological functions and plays a crucial role in more than 300 enzymes in the human body. The adult body contains about 2-3 grams of zinc. Zinc is found in all parts of the body: it is in organs, tissues, bones, fluids and cells. Muscles and bones contain most of the body’s zinc (90%). (Courtesy of the International Zinc Association).

The density of zinc is 7.2 so it is just less than steel at 7.8.

Storage: Zinc sheets should be always stored and transported in dry and ventillated conditions, it is a reactive metal and wet storage causes white oxides to form. Once installed outdoors the natural weather conditions will cause a patina to develop which protects and adds to the charm to this sheet metal. 

Compatability: zinc is a reactive metal and consideration should be given to materials it comes into contact with..... (courtesty of

 Examples of acceptable contact products with zinc

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead
  • Compatible Woods: pine, spruce, Scots pine, poplar.

Examples of non compatible products with zinc

  • Non-compatible woods:  larch, oak, chestnut, red cedar, Douglas fir, white cedar, all woods with a pH < 5.
  • Mortar
  • Rosin paper
  • Bituminous membranes
  • Products with fire retardant and preservation treatments
  • Acidic cleaners (brick cleaner etc…)
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Chrome
  • Bitumen, even when not in direct contact but simply close to it

 Zinc sheet can also be supplied in an artificial pre-weathered finish, (Quartz), it is a uniform colour. 

Or we can offer zinc sheet which has been Hand Patinated by our own craftsmen. This produces an appealing weathered / distressed finish. Each sheet processed will be different. Examples of this using diferent techniques are shown below.This finish can also be used outdoors where it will continue to age or it can be treated with Bees Wax or Sheila Shine and used indoors as a feature. 

  To view Some of our Zinc Products on Flickr Click Here

A selection of those pictures are shown below

Full Kitchen Clad in Light Patina Zinc                              Kitchen Island Unit with Sink Cut Out


Light Patina 50mm Zinc Top                                               Dark Patina 25mm Zinc Top


Matte Finish 25mm Top                                                        Welded Corner Detail


Another Dark Patina 25mm Top                                         Circular Zinc Top


Zinc Top with Dark Patina and Antique Brass Studs            Another Dark Patina



Light Patina with Feature Bronze Studs



100mm deep Dark Patina Tops


Aged Zinc with dark Patina


Condiment Unit in Aged Zinc with dark Patina


Distressed Paint on Zinc Top with dark Patina


"D" End Zinc Top 

   1200mm Diameter Zinc Top



Light Patina Zinc Clad Kitchen Doors courtesy of Rebecca Dargie


8 Place Distressed Zinc Table Top


Circular Dark Patina Table Top with Bronze Finish Studs (Edge Band Construction)



Zinc Edged Oak Table Top with Patina and Feature Nails


Stained Oak Top with Aged Zinc Edge Trim


Patchwork Circular zinc Top with Dark Patina



Aged Zinc with Random Dark Patina


Bull Nose Bar in Light Patina


Dimpled Natural Zinc Table Top


Pair of Small "D" End Tops in With Edge Trim in Dark Patina



Dimpled Circular Top with Light & Dark Patina


Matt Finish Zinc Top 120cm Square


Aged Zinc Planters

150cm diameter aged zinc top with bronze stud edge detail



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