Aged Brass Sheet

Here at Metal Sheets Ltd we have been creating aged brass sheet metal for over 15 years in our purpose designed patina studio and lacquering booth. Our aged brass patina finishes include shades of aged brass and antique brass sheet.

Below are our standard patina finishes, though we do variations and develop specials for projects. Click on the images to expand.

Examples of our Aged Brass Sheet Metal

A beautiful aged brass sheet metal feature wall in Ski Chalet La Cascade, Sainte Foy, French Alps.

This wall is composed of brass planks and pressed brass sheet tee section to join the planks. Manufactured by Metal Sheets Ltd.

BTW you can hire this 7 bed ski chalet.

A domestic kitchen feature, a lightly aged brass sheet metal splashback, the patina colours blending nicely in to this kitchen setting.

brass kitchen brass splashback
aged brass sheet

A composition of brass tones including aged brass sheet metal in the back drop to this photo shoot.

What a feature, antique patina added to this bespoke brass cooker hood, designed and made by Metal Sheets Ltd

aged brass sheet kitchen cooker hood

Process & Information

At our facility, we take pride in offering quality brass sheets that have been meticulously cut and fabricated. From there, the parts move to our patina studio where they undergo preparation and ageing. This is achieved through the use of chemical mixes, allowing us to produce beautiful results in a very short amount of time.

Aged and antique brass patinas also occur naturally, but require cycles of damp and dry to create the brown tones. Brass patina can eventually reach a black color in an outdoor environment, while copper patina develops a green tone. Patina can be removed with Brasso type cleaning products.

To ensure our aged brass sheets retain their beauty, we recommend waxing as a sealer, this moderates the rate of patina growth. Alternatively if you wish to lock in the finish, they can be lacquered.

If you are interested in aged copper sheet, aged zinc sheet, aged pewter sheet, or aged bronze sheet, we have got you covered. Check out our Flickr gallery for a glimpse of our work or visit our patinas page for more information.