Aluminium Sheet

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Our aluminium sheet stocks are shown in list below, available in natural, mirror, brushed, stucco, anodised, perforated and chequer plate.

StockFinishThickness mmSheet Size mm
NaturalSemi Bright0.5, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.02000 x 1000
5 Bar ChequerSemi Bright1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.52000 x 1000, 2500 x 1250
BrushedDull Polish1.52000 x 1000
MirrorBright Polish1.52000 x 1000
SilverAnodised1.52000 x 1000
Perforated 3mm holeNatural12000 x 1000
Perforated 5mm holeNatural22000 x 1000
StuccoEmbossed0.72500 x 1250

As aluminium sheet metal suppliers we service all sectors of industry, manufacturing, building, education, craft work and general public. We carry a good selection finishes. Samples are available free to architects, designers, education.  Send a request to

Aluminium Sheet Metal General Information

We offer a wide range of finishes for our aluminum sheets, including natural, chequered, mirror, brushed, stucco, anodized, and perforated. Polished, brushed, and anodized sheets come with a protective peelable plastic film on the face side, while natural mill finish sheets are protected on both sides.

Our cutting service includes full sheets, part sheets, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and cut-to-size options. We also have pre-cut sizes available for purchase in our online store. Additionally, we provide CNC shape cutting, spinning, fabrication, and welding services for aluminum sheet.

Aluminum has a very good weight-to-strength ratio, making it a popular choice in all fields of engineering. It’s the most commonly occurring metal on the planet and the second most widely used metal after steel. Aluminum is non-toxic, making it ideal for use with food and pharmaceutical products. It’s also an excellent reflector of light, and the sheet can be further polished to improve its reflectivity.

Aluminium Chequer Plate

Aluminium Chequer plate is also known as Tread Plate, Floor Plate, Checker Plate, Chequered Floor Plate, and Check Plate, it has multiple applications, but its main use is for protection.

Its decorative and industrial appearance generates interest with designers and it can often be found included in architecture and the décor of buildings. Often used in gymnasiums for wall protection and for walkways and ramps it has anti slip.

Our aluminium chequer plate is a very hard wearing and strong grade of aluminium, alloy 5754. This alloy has excellent corrosion resistance and will withstand sea water and much pollution. Grade 5754 is excellent for welding and cold working.

Typical applications for Aluminium Chequer Plate:

  • Floor Covering for hygiene and slip resistance
  • Wall and Corner Protection to prevent impact damage where hand trucks, trolleys, sack carts etc are operated.
  • Door Protection as kick plates or as a full door cladding
  • Commercial Vehicle and Vans
  • Access Ramp covering for wheelchairs
  • Livestock Trailer tailgate ramps and flooring.
  • Land rover and other 4 x 4 Off Road Vehicle body protection, bonnets, wings, sills, corners, floors, bumpers, mud flaps, door plates, side plates, load area plates
  • Truck Bed Tool Boxes
  • Stair Treads, Step Ladders, Walkways
  • Shop Front fascia’s for vandal protection

Aluminium Mirror Sheet

Our mirror aluminium sheet stock size is 2000mm x 1000mm x 1.5mm thick, grade 1050A, it is bright polished to achieve good reflective finish.

The sheet does have a grain as you can see in the photo above, the grain runs lengthways along the sheet. It is a decorative finish and often used in displays and lighting for reflection. Being aluminium it is very light at around 4 kilos per square meter.

Aluminium Stucco Sheet

Aluminium Stucco sheet is 0.7mm thick, it is quite flexible and will conform to curves. The sheet only weighs 1.9 kilos per square meter. It is very decorative and good for painting. Often used to make panelling and it can be used for enclosing pipe lagging.

Our Stucco aluminium was used in the set to re-cover doors for the shooting of Missfits Series 3

Aluminium Sheet

natural aluminium sheet

Metal Sheets plain natural aluminium sheet stock comprises mainly of alloy grade 1050, commercially pure aluminium, resistant to chemical attack and weathering.

Easy to cold work and weld. Typically used in general fabrication and for the manufacture of architectural products such as flashings, pressings, cills, soffits and cappings, because it is easy to fabricate. An excellent substrate for painting and powder coating, polyester powder coated aluminium with correct pre-treatment is used in architectural applications with guarantees in excess of 25 years.

This aluminium sheet is also used for artistic expression:

Silver Anodised Aluminium Sheet

Silver anodised aluminium sheet is highly decorative, the smooth uniform satin silver appearance is hard wearing and scratch resistant.

The anodised layer is aluminium oxide about 15 microns thick. Silver anodised aluminium section angles, flats and channels can also be supplied to compliment the sheet.

Sheet can be folded 90 degrees but it needs to be on a small radius so as not to cause crazing of the anodised layer. Do a test piece first. Welding will ruin the anodised layer in the affected area. It is a great product for making panels.

Perforated Aluminium Sheet

Our perforated aluminium sheet stock is in two metal thicknesses and two hole sizes. The holes are set out in a staggered T pattern thus the distance between any two holes is the same. Both have an open area of 33% The 3mm holes sheet weighs about 1.8 Kg/sqm and the 5mm hole sheet 3.6 kg/sqm.

The aluminium is grade 1050 hence it is very corrosion resistant, easy to bend and is used for example in decorative and ventilation applications, also to exclude pests.

Perforated aluminium sheet is also good for making models and prototypes, easy to cut and can be joined together with small nuts and bolts or rivets.

Brushed Aluminium Sheet

Brushed aluminium sheet, also called dull polished, has a 240 grit finish, the grain runs the length of the sheet. It is easy to cut and bend and at 1.5mm thick weighs about 4 kg/sqm.

When planning a project remember the grain direction of brushed aluminium sheet when ordering cut pieces. It is a decorative finish.

The table below shows the various grades of aluminium alloys

Aluminium SeriesAlloying ElementsGrade References
1000 SeriesPure Aluminium1050 / 1200
2000 SeriesCopper2014
3000 SeriesManganese3013
4000 SeriesSilicon4343 / 4015
5000 SeriesMagnesium5251
6000 SeriesMagnesium6063 / 6082
8000 SeriesOthers 

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