Brass and Copper Door Furniture

Brass and Copper Door Furniture: All Bespoke, cut and engraved to your design and size or just cut as blanks. Door Push/Pull Handles, Push Plates, Kick Plates, Number Plates, Name Plates.

We use solid Classic Copper and solid Traditional English Brass metals

These images may give you some ideas! Send us your DXF, DWG file or just sizes for rectangles

Bespoke Door Push Plates

The basic purpose of Push Plates or Finger Plates is to reduce wear and tear on the door, but they also make a statement about the building or entrance. A cheap aluminium finger plate can be found on many internal office doors, purely functional. A large mirror polished finger push plate on a door gives an impression of opulence or importance. There are hundreds of standard decorative finger plates out there on the internet. So why not be different and design your own door furniture and we will make it for you, like these brass ones below, empujar and pousser.

brass push plates

Bespoke Door Name Plates, Internal & External

Design your own door name plates in copper or brass with engraved shapes or cut out shapes, his and hers doors for example, a cartoon character, movie hero. Do a DWG or DXF and send it to us. Its all bespoke door furniture.

Bespoke Front Door Door Kick Plates

Domestic Front, Office or Public Building entrance door these will protect from foot traffic, typically many people push doors open or keep them ajar with a foot. Kick Plates can be whatever width and height that you want them to be. Just plain or shaped or engraved you choice.


Our copper door furniture products are hygienic and antimicrobial which is a great advantage in theses pandemic days of Covid19 etc. This makes them suitable for hospitals, surgeries, restaurants, schools, canteens, food factories etc. Supplied with or without holes depending on how you intend to fix.

More information on copper and brass can be found on our website and more about other products we make on Flickr.