Brass and Copper Signs

We specialise in bespoke engraved brass and copper signs and plaques: Aged Brass and Copper Signs, Aged Zinc and Rusted Corten Signs. Our engraving machine can handle single panel brass signs and copper signs up to 3 meters long.

This year 2023 we have developed new patinas for our brass signs and copper signs. These are antique copper patina and antique brass patina. The finishes are just like you would imagine antique copper and brass to be. Images are below, we also developed an antique zinc patina so that image is also shown.

Heat Patina Copper Signs

We have a new option for copper signs, Heat Patina Copper created by flame. Your text or logo or picture can be engraved. Click and Zoom in the images below to see different engraving methods.

There are quite a few options here, we can engrave, traditional relief or surface scratch engrave before or after the heat patina copper treatment, a clear lacquer is applied to the finished name plate, gloss or matt. The copper sheet is typically 1.5mm thick. These signs are bespoke, the heat patina colours and shades will vary from these images, it is an artisan product.

Engraving Depth of Cut

When producing engraved signs, plaques or artwork the depth of the engraving can be varied. This can range from a surface scratch engrave which is finger nail depth, so heavier than laser etching, up to a deeper relief engraving. The thicker the metal sheet the more metal can be removed so there is more depth to the text. Standard metal thickness for engraving is 1.5mm and the engraving depth circa 1mm. Thicker metal and deeper cuts are design options.


Using CNC cutting, engraving and fabrication machinery we are able to produce bespoke signs and plaques to your designs. In house our patina studio adds the aged finish.

Our CAD office can help you with the design and manufacture of your sign, send us your dxf and we will check it out and report back to you. If you don’t have a dxf we can often work with good images and scan them to CAD. We have an extensive font library. Or design your own font, many people do.

Many of the brass and copper signs we produce have a patina finish applied after engraving to produce an aged antique appearance.

View some of our work in our Flickr album

Patina Aged

Patina aged finishes are our speciality for brass and copper signs though we also make patina distressed zinc signs, rusted corten steel signs and bronze signs.

The brass we use for our signs is grade CZ108 or CZ120, finish can be Traditional Natural, Mirror Polished or Antiqued.

Our copper for signs is grade C101 or C106, the finish can be Classic Natural, Mirror or Antiqued. Engraved lettering can be infilled with dark aged patina or paint.

A clear matt lacquer is an option after patina to seal the surface of signs and plaques.

Cut, engraved, antiqued and black filled brass signs made Metal Sheets Ltd were used throughout the prestigious apartment building at  55 Victoria Street, Westminster


Brass and copper signs are cut in our CNC Routing Shop. Maximum size 3000mm x 1500mm in one piece.

Cutting programs are drawn up by our CAD office and downloaded to the machine for cutting.

Subsequently, jobs are taken to the finishing shop to be cleaned up or passed to our patina studio to create the aged appearance.

If Lacquering is required this is done in our spray shop.