Brass Sheet

Buy Brass Sheet Metal at Trade Prices, we supply Full Sheets, Part sheets, Cutting Service, CNC Shapes, Folding & Welding. Email now to or Contact Us for more information or a quotation.

Our brass sheet metal stocks are shown in the list below, available in natural, polished and patina aged brass sheet.

Natural (CZ108)Semi Bright0.3*, 0.4*, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 3.02000 x 1000, *(2000 x 600)
Natural (CZ108)Semi Bright1.28ft x 4ft, 2000 x 1000, 3000 x 1000
Mirror (CZ 108)Bright Polished0.9, 1.22000 x 1000
Brushed (CZ108)Dull Polished0.92000 x 1000
Hand Beaten (CZ106)Mirror0.72000 x 1000
Engraving (CZ120)Natural1.52000 x 600
Spinning (CZ106)Natural0.9, 1.22000 x 1000
Aged BrownMost Thickness'Most Sizes
Aged AntiquedMost Thickness'Most Sizes

Metal Sheets Ltd are brass sheet metal suppliers and distributors to all sectors of industry, interior design, education, jewelry making, craft working and general public.

Brass Sheet Finishes (samples available free to designers and trade)

Our Services for Brass Sheet Metal

  • Supplier of Full Sheets, Part Sheets, Cut to Size
  • CNC Shape Cutting, Routing and Engraving
  • Expert applicator of aged brass patina finishes
  • Metal Spinning, Fabrication & TIG Welding
  • Wide choice of sheet thickness’ and sheet sizes
  • National & International Delivery – EORI Reg: GB940114367000
  • Some pre-cut sheet sizes are available in our store


Huge Product Range, all bespoke, fabricated by our craftsmen

Hospitality: Brass bar tops & table tops

Domestic: Brass kitchens and features like counters, work tops, splashbacks, cooker hoods, kitchen units.

Domestic: Brass wall art, dining tables, coffee tables

Signage: Brass signs & plaques

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Our hand beaten hammered brass sheet is authentic, it is hand beaten by a traditional British copper smith. Each piece is unique, hammer impressions are truly random and varying in intensity it is NOT machine hammered brass sheet. It is 0.7mm thick and mirror polished before beating, machine beaten is usually only 0.5mm thin.

Past Jobs of Interest

Metal Sheets Ltd supplied Mirror Polished Brass sheet metal to Black Island Studios, London, for the film shoot for the Cheryl Cole L’Oreal Elvive Elnett television advert.


Brasses are primarily alloys of copper and zinc, the percentage of zinc in the alloy is what produces the different grades and appearances. Each grade of brass sheet has unique properties.

Yellow Brass is a high purity cold forming brass, its composition is 63% copper and 37% zinc.

Information for selecting brass sheet metal based on copper to zinc ratio:

  • Gilding Metal – (90% Cu + 10% Zn), CZ101, Bronze Gold colour, typically used for Architectural Features, Ornamental Trim, Jewellery, Vitreous Enamel Base, Badges.
  • Gilding Metal – (85% Cu + 15% Zn), CZ102, Tan Gold colour, Red Brass, typically used for Architectural Applications.
  • Brass – (80% Cu + 20% Zn), CZ103, Golden Colour, typically used for Decorative Trim.
  • Cartridge Brass or Spinning Brass – (70% Cu + 30% Zn), CZ106, Green Gold colour, Highly ductile, good cold forming properties.
  • Common Brass or Yellow Brass – (63% Cu + 37% Zn), CZ 108, Yellow colour, General Purpose Brass
  • Engraving Brass – (59% Cu + 39% Zn + 2% PB), CZ120, Brass Plaque colour, Contains a little lead for easy machining.

Brass sheet metal is characterised by its versatile properties which are modified by changing the ratios of copper and zinc and by adding other elements such as tin and aluminum.

Changing the alloy compositions affects: machinability, cold working properties, brazing properties, ductility, plate-ability, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, impact resistance and colour.

CZ108 cross references are: UNS – C27200,  ISO – CuZn37,  EN – CW508L