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Surplus Sheet Metal Bargains

These are new metal sheets that are surplus to requirements.

They are either not part of our standard stock inventory or they may have imperfections.

Further information and details  are shown below.


11 SHEETS – 2500mm x 1250mm x 1mm (Slight Warp)

£17.00 each plus Delivery & Vat


13 SHEETS – 2000 x 1000 x 0.9mm

Job Lot @ £200.00 each plus Delivery & Vat

Surplus Table/Bar Tops and Other Items For Sale

Table Tops surplus to requirements at discounted prices

Please email with your full contact details for further details.

Prices are plus Delivery & vat

Please allow approx 5 working days for delivery

All Natural/Satin finishes can be supplied with an aged finish for an extra charge

Pictures Available for all the below

Zinc Bar Top Bull Nose Edge to the Front 110cm x 45cm x 60cm – £300.00

Zinc Bar Top Bull Nose Edge to the Front 111cm x 45cm x 60cm – £300.00

Zinc Bar Top Bull Nose Edge to the Front 268cm x 42cm x 10cm – £1200.00

Zinc Bar Top Bull Nose Edge to the Front – 303cm x 35cm x 10cm – £1200.00

1 Qty – Dark Patina Zinc Lacquer Coated – 250cm x 110cm x 7.5cm – £750.00 (Slight bubble)

1 Qty – Aged Brass Top 50mm Radius Corners – 100cm x 100cm x 4cm – £350.00

1 Qty – Satin Zinc Top – 135cm x 41cm x 3cm – £225.00

1 Qty – Verdigris Copper Top – 75cm x 70cm x 3cm – £280.00

2 Qty – Granite Tops with Brass Edging – 62cm x 66cm x 4cm – £350.00 each

1 Qty – Granite Top with Brass Edging & across the Middle – 62cm x 66cm x 4cm – £400.00

1 Qty – Stainless Steel Top with Radius Corners – 150cm x 115cm x 4cm – £365.00

1 Qty – Zinc Dark Patina Lacquered – 120cm x 88cm x 3cm – £350.00

1 Qty – Zinc Top – 90cm x 90cm x 3cm – £215.00

1 Qty – Zinc Top – 152cm x 102cm x 3cm – £345.00

1 Qty – Zinc Top – 200cm x 95cm x 5cm – £415.00

1 Qty – Bronzed Copper Top with Cut out in centre for hob – 109cm x 95cm x 5cm – £395.00

1 Qty – Zinc Dark Patina Centre Seam & Edge Band, Drilled for Studs – 115cm Dia x 3cm – £295.00

1 Qty – Satin Brass Top – 66cm x 57cm x 4cm – £235.00

2 Qty – Zinc Tops – 105cm x 70 x 3cm – £220.00

4 Qty – Brass Tops Edge Trimmed – 60cm dia x 5cm – £158.00 each

4 Qty – Satin Brass Tops – 60cm x 60cm x 3cm – £158.00 each

3 Qty – White Marble Tops Brass Edge Band – 60cm dia x 3.8cm – £320.00 each

2 Qty – Light Patina Zinc Tops – 100cm dia – £245.00 each

We also have a selection of Kitchen Doors for Salesee below;

Satin Brass Lacquered 18mm thick

Height               Width

140mm             494mm   X2  £55.00 each plus Vat

283mm             494mm   X4  £55.00 each plus Vat

New Metal Off Cuts Website

We have just launched our new revamped  OFFCUTS STORE  website. Where you can buy sheet metal offcuts in precut sizes. Copper, Brass, Zinc, Pewter, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless steel and more

The old store was not the best to use.

The new slick easy to navigate and easy to use site is now online

You can launch from the menu tab on any page or take a visit to this link

We now also take Paypal payments for a speedier purchase.

If an item size you require is not shown in the options just send us a message by hitting the CLICK TO MAKE AN ENQUIRY button, (shown on every page), or use details on the CONTACT US menu button. We can usually help.

New Copper Sheet Metal Stock 3000mm x 1000mm x 1.2mm

Metal Sheets Ltd now stocks best quality grade C106 copper sheet, half hard, mill finish.

The sheet is produced for us by KME so it is also polishing quality

The sheet is 3000mm long so Bar Tops, Table Tops, Back Splashes etc can be constructed with fewer joints.

So our stock copper sheet size range is now 4ft x 2ft, 2m x 1m, 8ft x 4ft and 3m x 1m.

Hammered Hand Beaten Brass Sheets

Metal Sheets Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of authentic hammered hand beaten brass sheets, the finish is polished. It is supplied with a protective plastic film applied to the face.

This hammered brass sheet is hand beaten by skilled traditional copper smiths

Full Sheet size is 2000mm x 1000mm x 0.7mm thick, and we sell part sheets and cut to size

We manufacture table tops and design features in hammered brass sheet.


hammered hand beaten brass

Blackened Steel

We now manufacture blackened steel for panel work etc, it is hand applied to give a rustic industrial appearance. It is not a monotone colour that is achieved by dipping process.  It is tones of steel with natural imperfections.


Blackened Steel Laquered

Distressed, (Rusted), Steel Sheets

We now produce design features in distressed steel. We use Corten steel and other mild steel sheets to produce interesting effects. The sheets can be made into table tops and feature panels. We manufacture these to order.



rusted corten sign


rusted corten kitchen doors



distressed steel

Hammered Hand Beaten Copper Sheets

Metal Sheets Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of authentic hammered copper sheets, hand beaten by skilled traditional copper smiths with hand tools like they were many years ago.

The hammer pattern is unique to each sheet produced, not like machine hammered where a standard pattern repeats itself. Our sheet is 0.7mm thick which is thicker and more robust than most of the thinner copper beaten by machine.

Hammered copper is making a revival at present and we manufacture authentic square, rectangular and round table tops and design features in this metal

We also supply hammered copper sheet to the trade in sheet size 2m x 1m or part sheets and cut to size. The face of our hammered copper sheet is protected with a peal-able plastic film.


hammered hand beaten copper sheet

We also manufacture table tops and backsplashes in hammered copper

Large Zinc Sheets

Metal Sheets Ltd now stock the widest, (1100mm), zinc, (EN988), sheet sizes available in the UK, Lengths up to 3000mm and Thickness’ 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm,


Zinc Sheets on Pallet