Copper Splashbacks

Let Metal Sheets Ltd make you a bespoke Copper Splashback for your kitchen, we have been making them for 15 years. We specialise in bespoke sizes with minimum joints. Copper, brass and zinc. Copper Splashbacks can be made in lengths up to 300cm long x 100cm high or 240cm long x 120cm high and without any joints. We have Natural copper, Mirror copper, Beaten Copper and Aged Copper.

Splashback Manufacturing

Socket cut outs, corners and column cuts are done by a CNC cutting machine. We draw your splash back in CAD and download the cutting plan to the machine. If we are working from templates the metal is cut by hand.

We can supply flat cut sheets or we can fabricate and fold all the sides and bond to 9mm or 12mm MDF or ply.

Matching Worktop Upstands and Cupboard Kick Boards can also be added.

A metal thickness of 1.2mm is recommended for long lengths because of handling, thinner metal is more susceptible to handling damage during installation. Smaller kitchen backsplashes, up to 90cm x 90cm can be made in 0.9mm thick copper, brass or zinc but above this size the risk of damaging during handling increases, also if the wall is uneven it may not lay down flat and can follow contours in the wall. We always recommend 1.2mm though we do make many small splash backs in 0.9mm.

Copper Splashbacks

Classic copper kitchen splashbacks add warm tones and become a focal point for any kitchen. Natural copper ages and becomes rustic, patina develops in shades of brown. Lacquered finishes maintain their appearance. Copper work surfaces gather patina with constant use.

Hand beaten copper splashbacks are now a fashionable alternative to flat copper, the sheets are hand beaten by a traditional British copper smith, we cut, bend and bond the metal to 9mm or 12mm MDF or plywood. The finish of the copper is mirror, this is done before beating. We make a range of products in beaten copper. Copper up-stands and kick boards can compliment a copper splash back.

Brass Splashback

Brass kitchen splashbacks have become more popular over the last few years, brass especially has made huge come back and is fashionable again. We have seen more interest in brass table tops and bar tops. Hammered hand beaten brass table tops were seen 50 years ago, now we make them again! and hand beaten brass backsplashes.

Talking about beaten brass, we make splashbacks and table tops in hand beaten copper too, the copper sheet is hand hammered by a traditional copper smith, not machine beaten which standard repetitive pattern.

The flat brass sheet we use is Traditional Yellow Brass, also known as Victorian Brass or Common Brass. Again as with the copper splash backs we do lengths up 300cm in one piece and cut sockets etc by CNC

Another popular option with brass is to use Mirror Finish, we double polish our brass before manufacture to minimise the grain, standard commercial polished brass has a noticiable grain. Vanity mirrors in mirror brass, with that golden colour are an interesting feature.

Zinc Splashbacks

Zinc is another live metal alternative to copper or brass, we manufacture zinc table tops and worktops so a zinc splash back is often chosen. Size without a joint is up to 300cm x 110cm. Zinc upstands and kick boards completes the set. Zinc becomes rustic with use.

Kitchen Splashback Finishes

Aside from Natural, Mirror or Beaten, there are patina aged finishes, we can add an aged copper or aged brass patina to the back splash, these will continue to patina after installation. Lacquering is an optional extra to preserve the finish.

View many more splashbacks in our Flick gallery

Copper Kitchen Splashback Order Process

To get the ball rolling just give us a call or send us a plan of your splash back with sizes, if the sizes are difficult to measure you can send templates for us to work from, (hardboard preferably but wall paper can be used, just keep the edges cut tidily)

If you want to discuss or are unsure what to order then email or call us 0151 526 4777, or fill the Contact Form

About Metals

Copper, Brass, Zinc, Bronze & Pewter are live metals and will naturally patina with age and use and become rustic. This is part of the charm. Lacquer can be applied to keep the original appearance. Cleaning is with soapy water, bees wax can be applied to natural finish splashbacks to moderate the rate of patina. Mirror finishes can be maintained with Brasso. Aged finishes continue to patina unless lacquered. 

Commercial kitchens typically use stainless steel backsplashes in economy grade 430 and/or the higher quality grade 304 stainless steel which we stock in brushed and patterned embossed finishes.

Clean natural copper is antimicrobial and kills bugs like MRSA, Covid and many more.