Copper Wall Art

Blue and green patina copper wall art and statement pieces using solid copper sheet metal

Metal Sheets Ltd creates bespoke copper wall art pieces and statement pieces mainly on copper sheet metal though brass and zinc can be used for different effects. We also supply cut to size sheets of copper, brass and zinc for schools, colleges, artists and craft workers. Images are clickable for full size, opens in Flickr.

How we make Copper Wall Art

Our art creations are made in house in our patina studio usually on copper in blues and greens. The patina process when left uncontrolled produces a myriad of colour tones, textures, and patterns. Each piece is totally unique and can not be copied, other than by photography, we seal each piece with a clear lacquer then it is ready to install, frame or hang.

We fabricated the picture frames above, fabrication consisted of cutting, bending, and weIding. The curved inlay panel was rolled to produce the curve. The circular wall hanging was produced on a metal spinning lathe. We can spin circles up to 100cm diameter.

Copper Wall Art as a Canvas

Paul Fearns accomplished metal sheet artist has used blue patina copper sheet as a canvas for his Yellow Tails painting. Artist Steve Wade has also used our patina distressed copper as a canvas.

Images of the range of patinas we produce on copper, brass and zinc can be viewed on patina pictures.

How its done

Producing these patina finishes for copper metal wall art is quite time consuming. The process comprises of cutting the metal pieces to size or making a fabricating, (folding, welding etc), then passing to our patina studio. The first operation is preparation, each piece is degreased, the surface is conditioned, next the patina chemicals are applied by various methods to do their magic, the piece may need one or more applications of chemical in order to achieve a good colour. The pattern the patina forms is totally random and not replicable that is why each piece is unique. After patina the piece is given one or more coats of a clear matt lacquer in order to seal the surface.