Copper Wall Panels

Copper wall panels and copper wall cladding fabricated by Metal Sheets Ltd in bespoke designs and sizes. Our craftsmen have worked with hundreds of customers over the past 15 years using copper sheet metal to create unique features for residential and commercial walls. We also fabricate copper alloys, mainly traditional brass in to wall panels and cladding systems.

Copper wall art

A full feature wall composed of four aged patina copper panels butting together, quite a statement!

Copper wall panels and cladding can be constructed in different styles with different appearances. Copper sheet metal in its natural form will acquire patina with age, shades of reds and browns, there is nothing quite like it! as you will see from the images.

A feature kitchen wall in a ski chalet. The cladding system comprises of copper planks joined with pressed copper sheet Tee sections. The finish is our Blue Copper 60 patina.

Metal Sheets Ltd are exporters of aged copper wall panels, brass wall panels and cladding panels, we have customers around the globe.

copper wall panels

A feature of six copper wall panels, each panel is constructed as a tray with MDF bonded into the back. The copper rivet detail is added after fabrication.

These copper panels are in a natural finish, these will age naturally with time and acquire that warm old copper appearance.

After fabrication the copper panels or cladding can be left natural to patina over time or we can speed up the patina process to give many interesting finishes. You can see a few of the finishes on our Patina Pictures page. We can also develop patina variations on a commission basis.

A feature wall fully clad with brass planks with a folded brass Tee bar jointing strip between adjoining panels.

The brass was finished after fabrication with our aged brass patina to compliment the timber work.

This is a living room in Ski Chalet La Cascade, Saite Foy, French Alps.

Available finishes include aged copper, blue copper, green copper or antique copper or a bespoke commission.

kitchen wall panels

Not exactly a wall but a feature kitchen wall unit clad in brass panels.

The brass sheet is finished with our aged patina.

Rather dark tones in this home bar, the copper wall panel feature is finished in a bespoke bronze patina.

bronzed copper wall panels
copper wall feature with gas fire

Copper wall feature with built in gas fire, the copper sheet is finished with our aged patina.

A section of copper wall fabricated in a patchwork design with copper rivets.

Each element of the patchwork has different tones and colours of our aged patina finish.

This panel has a distinct retro industrial appearance.

copper panels riveted

More of Metal Sheets products can be viewed in our Flickr gallery

We also create copper wall art features to customers designs.