Copper Worktops

Metal Sheets Ltd creates beautiful high quality copper worktops for kitchens. There is nothing like natural copper as it ages and acquires a patina. It has a unique rustic charm with warm colour tones. Copper also has naturally antibacterial properties.

copper worktops

In the foreground a bespoke curved copper worktop island with natural timber breakfast bar. In the background two copper worktops and a copper splash back.

The copper splash back is constructed using a sheet of aged patina copper laminated to a sheet of toughened glass. Thereby preserving the patina original appearance and making for easy maintenance.

Two aged copper worktops, both with integrated upstands to prevent crumb traps.

The first worktop is constructed to be fitted on an undermounted sink.

copper worktops
copper breakfast bar

Copper worktop and breakfast bar, the whole of the base unit was also clad in copper.

Note there are no corners on this worktop, just a sweeping curved end. The radius was fully welded and cleaned. Note also the integrated upstand against the wall.

Amazing feature kitchen in copper

A copper worktop island with integrated copper sink.

Blue patina copper clad cupboard doors

Green patina copper clad timber end panels, left and right with cut outs.

The copper worktop has a natural finish.

Brass worktops

Aside from copper worktops we also manufacture many worktops in copper alloys. The installation below is made from traditional yellow brass, 63% copper and 37% zinc.

This was made in three pieces, each being bespoke, left side has an integrated solid brass sink welded in, the rear piece scribed to fit the feature stone wall and the left hand piece fabricated to fit a deep alcove.

This is a new installation, just waiting for the taps. The finish is a light aged patina.

The client supplied templates.

Copper or Brass worktop feature options

As can be seen from the projects above, many features can be designed in to a copper or brass worktop.

  • Front edge Straight 90 degrees or Bull Nose
  • Integrated Sinks, copper or brass
  • Integrated Upstands
  • Corners and Ends can be radiused
  • Doors and Panels below the worktop can be clad in copper or brass
  • Kitchen walls can have feature panels.
  • Finishes to copper or brass, natural or patina aged
  • Doors, drawers and cupboard panels can be finished in Natural, Aged, Blue patina or Green patina

Copper Finishes

On our Patina Pictures page you will find images of our range of patinas. The actual pattern that develops is unique to the piece it is applied to, no two pieces will be the same. We have a patina studio inhouse that specialises copper, brass and zinc patinas. We develop special patinas for clients on a commission basis.

Natural Satin Copper and Typical Aged Copper are typically waxed after patina, we use a bees wax or Renaissance wax to clean the finish and moderate further patina development. These finishes will continue to develop over time and with use to give a lived in rustic look.

The Blue and Green patinas are always lacquered to seal the finish. They are not particularly suitable as a work surface, they are usually applied to door, drawers and panels. We have an inhouse paint spray shop for lacquering.


We work with architects, designers, kitchen companies & private clients.

Copper worktop production begins with timber panels, these would normally be either MRMDF or high quality birch ply. Our woodworking department cut to size on CNC controlled equipment for accuracy.

Sink cut outs or other shapes are done on a CNC routing machine

The timber carcass then passes to the metal working shop for cladding in copper or brass, again we have computerised machinery to ensure accuracy. Corners and radiuses are TIG welded.

The final stage is finishing which is done in our patina studio.

After final inspection the copper or brass worktops are packed for shipping or collection.


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