Corten Steel Sheet

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See our stock list below for natural and rusted corten sheet.

StockFinishThickness mmSheet Size mm
NaturalBright12500 x 1250
NaturalBright0.8 to 3.02500 x 1250, 3000 x 1500
RustedPatina Rust (to order)12500 x 1250
RustedPatina Rust (to order)0.8 to 3.02500 x 1250, 3000 x 1500
CorrugatedBright0.83000 x 1110
CorrugatedRusted (to order)0.83000 x 1110

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of Natural and Rusted Corten Steel Sheet also known as Weathering Steel Sheet. We also manufacture, rusted Corten signs, wall art, public art, kitchen features, and raised garden beds.

Corten Steel Sheet Images (samples available free to designers and trade)

Corten Steel Sheet Products

Corrugated Corten Steel Sheet Roofing

Very similar installation to galvanised steel corrugated sheets. Sheets are supplied in the natural bright finish, though storage conditions may cause some rusting to occur which should not be a problem for an out door roof. They will age naturally. Pre-rusted corrugated sheets are available if required.

The rusted corrugated corten steel roof on the log cabin below shows it blending into the environment

corrugated corten roof

Rusted Corten Steel Sheet Signs

We fabricate corten steel sheet to produce rusted Corten signs. You can work with our CAD department and we can offer you a one stop shop for rusted Corten steel signs. State of the art CNC cutting, CNC bending and MIG welding, we can meet your needs.

Rust application is done in our patina studio. For indoor applications we would recommend lacquering to seal the surface to save any unwanted patina transfer, we have a spray shop. This is FYR Grill in the Lakes. Rusted Corten sign.

rusted corten sign

Rusted Corten Steel Sheet Doors

Another application for rusted Corten steel is decorative door cladding. Working with the The Main Company we produced rusted kitchen cupboard doors for an exhibition. This involved covering timber door blanks with Corten steel on the face and sides.

Corten steel was formed in to shell using our CNC folding machinery, the corners being welded. Cleaned up and sharp edges removed the shell was rusted in our patina studio and subsequently lacquered in our spray shop. The next step was to bond the timber to the inside of the shell with structural grade adhesive.

rusted corten steel

Rusted Corten Steel Sheet Wall Art

Wall art, public art and statement pieces can be designed and created with rusted Corten steel sheet. Corten steel sheet in thinner sizes like 1mm is quite easy to handle, form and transport. The weight of 1mm Corten sheet is approx 8 kilos per square meter. We work with clients to help create their designs, we have CAD facilities, laser cutting and a full fabrication workshop at your disposal. Pieces are constructed in natural finish Corten steel before passing to our patina studio for rusting. For more bespoke work we can adjust the rusting process to generate different shades and appearances.

corten wall art

Corten Steel Sheet Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a great feature in your vegetable patch. They are much easier to work than ground level. The height and size of Corten steel raised garden beds can be be bespoke, though to be economical with the steel 2.5 or 3.0 meters long x 1.25 or 1.5 meters wide are optimal. Heights are typically 0.3m to 0.8m high. Raised garden beds are made in kit form for self assembly. The steel is in the natural new condition, the rust patina soon starts to develop naturally in this country. The raised Corten steel garden bed in this picture is 3m x 1.5m.


We produce a rust patina quickly on Corten Steel Sheet and Weathering Steel Sheet by speeding up the natural rusting process, it takes just a few days, whereas in nature this can take 12 months. After rusting we can seal the surface with a clear matt lacquer, this is advisable if the items can brush against clothing to stop transfer.

Much of our rusted corten steel sheet and weathering steel sheet is aimed at indoor and outdoor designs, rust shades can be from dark orange to chestnut brown.

COR-TEN is the trademark of U.S. Steel. It is part of a group of steels called Weathering Steels. These steels have an increased resistance to corrosion. Rust forms a protective barrier to further corrosion, the colour of a fully developed patina is dark brown and the rust is tight to the surface.

Some pre-cut sheet sizes of Corten are available in our store


Corten Steel is steel alloyed with Copper, Chromium, Nickle and Phosphorous.

Outdoors rust patina forms on corten steel through cycles of wet and dry, environments which do not cycle will not achieve a good adhering patina. The rust patina actually forms a barrier to protect the steel from deep corrosion. Unlike normal mild steel which will continue to rust to the point of perforation.

Of Interest

Public Art architectural like The Angel of the North is made from a structural grade of Corten Steel. Artpark Australia has lots of interesting public art Corten sculptures.

More information on Cor-Ten and Weathering Steels can be found on Wikipedia