Corten Steel Sheet

corten-steel-sheet-metal-rusted-and natural

Corten Steel Rusted and Natural

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of natural and rusted Corten Steel and Weathering Steel sheet. We also manufacturer corten and weathering steel signage, corten and weathering steel planters and corten and weathering steel raised garden beds.

We produce a rust patina quickly on Corten and Weathering Steel by speeding up the natural rusting process, it takes just a few days, whereas in nature this can take 12 months.

We sell flat sheets and corrugated roofing sheets of Corten steel. We also manufacture interior design features in Corten and Weathering steel, these are typically rusted and clear lacquered after fabrication.

COR-TEN is the trademark of U.S. Steel. It is one of a group of steels called Weathering Steels. These steels have an increased resistance to corrosion. The rust forms a protective barrier to further corrosion. The colour of a fully developed patina is dark brown and the rust is tight to the surface

Corten Steel is steel alloyed with Copper, Chromium, Nickle and Phosphorous.

Outdoors rust patina forms on corten steel through cycles of wet and dry, environments which do not cycle will not achieve a good adhering patina.

Our pre-rusted corten and weathering steel sheet is aimed at the interior design market, the shades can be from dark orange to chestnut brown.

Rusted and Lacquered Corten Doors Corten Corrugated Roof

Rusted Corten kitchen doors supplied to The Main Company Ltd for Grand Designs Exhibition

Public architectural works of art like The Angel of the North is made from a structural grade of Corten Steel.

More information on Cor-Ten and Weathering Steels can be found on Wikipedia