Corten Steel Signs

Metal Sheets Ltd specialise in fabricating custom rusted Corten Steel Signs, One Offs or quantity, we have CAD and CNC fabrication facilities. After manufacture we weather the sign to produce a tight rust patina. Email your enquiry to for a quotation.

We have worked with Corten steel sheet producing signs and artistic features for over 10 years.

rusted corten signs

A rusted Corten sign produced for Farncombe Estate. The text was laser cut in to sheet Corten and fabricated around a box steel frame work.

Bespoke rusted Corten steel sign for FYR Grill Restaurant.

The rust patina on this sign has a lot of character

fyr corten steel signs
limeyard corten signs

Basic flat sheet Corten steel signs, laser cut and weathered

Bespoke Corten steel sign for Foley House laser cut and fabricated from sheet.

rusted corten steel signs
corten steel sign

Corten Steel Statue

Metal Sheets Ltd assisted Millmead Optical group and designer Yair Nueman with this rusted Corten steel statue titled Heavy Light exhibited at the Open Eye Gallery.

A Rusted Corten steel panel with backlighting as a wall art feature

corten wall art

Corten Sign Information

Corten steel signs have become hugely popular in recent years. Their rustic industrial aesthetic that’s particularly attractive for commercial premises, hotels, restaurants, and homes.

At Metal Sheets Ltd, we have an experienced team of fabricators who can help you design your sign and create it to the highest standards using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery.

We work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible design, and if you have your own DWG or DXF files, we can incorporate those directly into our cutting software.

After fabrication your sign passes to our patina studio, where our craftsmen use a range of methods and processes to produce varying degrees of weathering and appearance. Corten steel can be weathered to produce a spectrum of colors from bright oranges to deep browns.

Once weathered, your rusted Corten steel sign can be installed straight away, or we can apply a wax or lacquer finish if you’re using it indoors. The wax finish will darken the rust patina, while lacquer and wax are used to prevent rust transfer onto clothing if the sign is likely to be touched.

Please bear in mind that when you locate your sign outdoors, some run-off of rust is to be expected for some time until the surface fully weathers.

We also make Aged Copper and Aged Brass Signs and more of our products can be found on Flickr.