Crackle Glass Table Tops

Welcome to Metal Sheets Ltd’s and our Crackle Glass Table Tops. These unique, Made to Order table tops also referred to as cracked glass or shattered glass due to their intentionally shattered tempered glass design. Our crackle glass table tops stand out for their solid brass edge and 3cm thickness, making them a stunning addition to any space. Read on to learn more about these one-of-a-kind table tops.

How Cracked glass table tops are made

The art of crafting cracked glass table tops is a fascinating process. It all starts with a tempered glass sheet that’s shattered with great intention, then carefully bonded to a backer board to create a sturdy structure that’s easy to handle. From there, the structure is bonded to MDF, creating a thickness of 3cm (though other thicknesses can be achieved). And that’s just the beginning! The real magic happens when 2mm thick brass edge trims are brought into the mix – these boast engravings like Roman arches or parallel lines. The edge trim even wraps underneath to create a luxuriously soft edge. As a final stage the brass can be patina antiqued or left as a natural satin finish.

Prices for shattered glass table tops

“Get Ready to Shatter Expectations with Our Futuristic Glass Table Tops! Prices are on application !”

Our latest crackle glass table tops are here and excitement is building! Perfect for both residential and hospitality use, these revolutionary table tops will make a bold statement in any setting. We can guarantee that their construction and sleek design will cater to high-end markets. We are already receiving interest and can’t wait to launch our product this year. Don’t miss out on being one of the first to elevate your decor with this innovative piece of furniture! Stay tuned for further updates and order yours today.

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