Distressed Metal

Metal Sheets Limited has a department specialising in patina distressing of sheet metal products. We apply rustic aged patina finishes to many metals including Copper, Brass, Zinc, Bronze, Pewter and Corten Steel.

Our finishes include:
Aged Copper – Bronzed Copper – Blue Copper – Aged Brass – Bronzed Brass – Light Aged Zinc – Dark Aged Zinc – Aged Bronze – Aged Pewter – Rusted Corten Steel – Blackened Steel

Many of our distressed products can be viewed on our Flickr site.

We apply these finishes to the products we manufacture and on subcontract for our customers products. We also supply patina distressed metal sheets using the high quality metal sheets we carry in stock.

After the patina process products and sheets are normally sealed with a beeswax polish, this does not stop the metal continuing to acquire patina naturally but moderates its progress and the wax also brings out the colours in the metal. Lacquering over the patina is an option for locking in the original patina colours. We have in house facilities for applying a clear matt lacquer coat when requested, as an optional extra. Though consideration needs to be given to the potential for damage to the lacquer after the product has been installed.

The exception to the above is blackened steel which is only supplied with a coat of matt clear lacquer. A wax finish is not suitable.

Differences in the patina between the work supplied compared to the sample provided are not to be considered as manufacturing defects, but as a feature of the hand processing which is susceptible to variances in colour and uniformity.

For cleaning and maintenance use only a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, dampen with warm water or neutral products you would typically use to clean varnished surfaces. Do not use abrasive cloths, kitchen cleaning products, solvents, or strong detergents. Dry the surface thoroughly if there is standing water. Beeswax polish can be used reseal unlacquered patina finishes, this can be purchased if need from our online store.

Lead times vary with job size, our current workload and the finish chosen. Lead times typically start at 3 days from order or receipt of goods.

Samples are available upon request, these are usually free of charge to designers, architects and businesses.