Door Kick Plates

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of custom size door kick plates in copper, brass, antique brass, bronze, anodised, plain and chequered aluminium, satin stainless steel and zinc, one off or in volume.

Front door – Entry door – Commercial door kick plates will protect your doors from foot traffic, typically many people push doors open or keep them ajar with a foot. Kick plates can be narrow to protect the lower part of the door or they can be half height if trolleys etc are pushed through door openings. Our copper kick plates are antimicrobial and so help reduce transmission of disease especially when combined with our copper door finger push plates. This makes them suitable for hospitals, surgeries, restaurants, schools, canteens, food factories etc.

Door kick plates can be supplied with or without holes depending on how you intend to fix.

Copper and Brass kick plates can also be supplied with an aged finish

Door Kick Plate Metals and Finishes

Aluminium: Natural, Anodised, 5 Bar Chequer Plate

Stainless Steel: Bright, Mirror Finish, Brushed Finish

Copper: Classic Copper, Natural Copper, Mirror Finish Copper, Antimicrobial Copper

Brass: Traditional Brass, Natural Brass, Mirror Brass

Galvanised Steel: Natural

Zinc: Natural or Aged