Door Push Plates

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of door finger push plates in copper, brass, antique brass, bronze, silver anodised aluminium or satin stainless steel in custom sizes.

Finger push plates as door furniture for domestic or commercial applications will help maintain the appearance of your door by protecting against grubby finger marks which occur through constant door pushing.

Our copper finger push plates are antimicrobial and help prevent the transmission of disease, these are particularly suitable for hospitals, restaurants, schools, surgeries, canteens, public buildings, toilets etc

These can be supplied with or without fixing holes depending how you wish to fix

Door Finger Plate Metals & Finishes

Aluminium: Silver Anodised

Stainless Steel: Mirror Finish, Satin Brushed, Embossed

Copper: Natural Classic, Mirror

Brass: Traditional, Natural, Mirror

Galvanised Steel: Natural

Zinc: Bright or Patina Aged

If you would like a price contact us or telephone: 0151 526 4777

Copper Push Plates

Copper has a natural anti bacterial action. Door push plates made from copper can be health beneficial by reducing bacterial growth and thus reduce the transfer of infections. Bacteria colonies are much slower to develop on copper, Brass and Zinc are also reputably renowned with similar anti bacterial properties though to a lessor extent. Zinc is traditionally used for oyster and sea food counter tops presumably for this reason. Silver also has anti bacterial properties.