Embossed Stainless Sheet

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers and fabricators of embossed, (rigidised), stainless steel sheet metal, we carry several patterns in grade 304, (18/8), in a bright finish. Many other patterns are available including colour finishes.

The full sheet sizes are 2500mm x 1250mm. We sell full sheets or part sheets and we offer a cut to size service.

These embossed sheets have many applications, we typically use Squares for table tops, display shelving, panelling and kitchen wall cladding.

6WL is popular for box slides, the raised bubble creates less friction and packing boxes are easier to push along.

5WL has many applications where a more interesting finish is desired.


Squares Stainless Steel


6WL Stainless Steel


5WL Stainless Steel

Grade 316 stainless is also available in many patterns.

Rigidised stainless steel sheet is durable, long lasting and anti vandal, the patterns are attractive and offer designers a unique material with which to work.

The applications are innumerable, for example:

  • Architectural Cladding, Panels, Facades, Canopies
  • Interior Design, Column Casings, Door Panels, Display equipment
  • Street Furniture and Signage
  • Lifts and Elevators
  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Toilet Fittings
  • Machinery Components, Slides, Chutes, Guides, Panels
  • Sculptures