Hygienic Door Handles

Metal Sheets Ltd now manufactures a range of stylish antibacterial door and drawer handles in copper and brass. Copper has the intrinsic property of being antimicrobial it kills many types of bacteria, viruses, and yeasts.

This standard range of products is aimed at new installations and replacements for existing stainless steel and aluminium door handles.

We have other styles currently being designed to suit different types of doors and fixings, these will be on show here as soon as manufacturing begins.

The most effective antibacterial door handles are made of pure copper, our copper is 99.9% pure. Our brass contains 63% copper.

The Copper Push Pull Handle is 240mm x 75mm and the Brass Pulls are 400mm / 360mm for top or face fixing to 18mm MDF.

Copper requires regular cleaning to its maintain its appearance and antimicrobial efficacy.