Metal Engraving

Metal Sheets are specialists in metal engraving, we can “relief engrave” and “surface engrave” sheet metals. We work mainly with brass, copper and stainless steel and to a lesser extent pewter and bronze probably because of the price. After engraving our patina studio can add an aged patina finish if required

Our maximum size in one piece is 3000mm x 1500mm, which is quite large!

Types of Metal Engraving

Relief Engraving

Relief Engraving is the traditional method using a high speed routing tool, tools vary in shape and size to suit the metal, text or image being engraved. The tool is CNC controlled, a cutting program is down loaded to the machine by our CAD office and away you go.

metal engraving
Relief Engraving on copper

Surface Engraving

Surface Engraving is a method using a diamond tipped tool to scratch the text or image on to the surface of the metal. The depth of cut is much less than relief routing but much greater than laser engraving. The tool cuts a “V” path on each stroke, the spacing of the strokes can be varied to create different effects.

surface engraving
Surface engraving on mirror stainless steel, (photographed in front of a tree)

Brass & Copper Signs

We manufacture bespoke engraved brass signs, copper signs and wall art using relief and surface engraving techniques.

engraved world map
Relief engraved world map wall hanging in solid brass with bespoke picture frame, finished with an aged brass patina. Size is circa 1500mm x 1000mm.

More images of our work can be found in our Flickr gallery.

Metal Types and Sheet Sizes

We work with many metals in our engraving department, the brass we use is either grade CZ108 or CZ120, ideally we like to use CZ120 but the stock sheet size limits our work, (only 2000mm x 600mm) whereas with CZ108 we have sheet 8ft x 4ft, (2400mm x 1200mm) and 3000mm x 1000mm.

Our Zinc sheet stock is up to 3000mm x 1100mm and copper 8ft x 4ft, (2400mm x 1200mm), and 3000mm x 1000mm.

Pewter sheet is stocked in 2000mm x 1000mm sheets, and bronze is the same as CZ108.


Send us your DWG, DXF or crisp black and white image for scanning along with your details and project details, our CAD department will be in touch.