Metal Spinning

Metal Sheets Ltd have two metal spinning lathes for producing round seamless edge table tops. We have many metals to choose from including Copper, Brass, Zinc, Bronze, Pewter, Aluminium and Raw Steel.

We also spin brass and copper basins, brass and copper bowls, lids, trays and wall art.

There is a huge selection of options in metal spinning in metal type, metal finish, table top thickness, edge profile, patina, studs, nails. We can engrave your Logo or Design into the metal.

Products, we can spin many items besides table tops:

  • Copper Sinks, Brass Sinks
  • Copper Bowls, Brass Bowls
  • Copper Basins
  • Copper Bin Lids, Brass Bin Lids, Zinc Bin Lids, Aluminium Bin Lids
  • Copper Trays, Brass Trays, Zinc Trays, Aluminium Trays
  • Copper Wall Art, Brass Wall Art, Zinc Wall Art


See also our wide range of patinas


The process of metal spinning a table top starts with cutting a circular timber core from MDF or Ply and cutting a circle of metal a bit larger than the core. These parts are then bonded together. The composition is then loaded into a spinning lathe where the protruding edge of the metal is spun over the the thickness of the core. The metal is returned back under the timber by about 10mm to create a safety edge. Table top thicknesses are usually 25mm, but can be from 18mm to 50 mm. The table edge can also be formed into a bull nose or have 2 radius edges or just left square.

To compliment our metal spinning lathes we have CNC cutting and engraving capacity up to 3000mm x 1500mm and power circle cutters up to 1000mm dia.

For those interested in learning more about metal spinning Wiki has an interesting page. Metal spinning is also known as spin forming or spinning or metal turning.

For interest we spin the old fashioned beaten brass and beaten copper pub table tops using authentic hand beaten brass and copper produced by a traditional British copper smith.