New Aged Patina Metal Finishes

Antique Copper Patina and Antique Zinc Patina – New Patinas we have developed.

Antique patina is a unique and beautiful finish that can be achieved on both copper and zinc. It’s a process that involves exposing the metal to air, moisture, and other elements.

This process gives the metal a unique look that can’t be replicated with any other type of finish.

Copper patina has been used for centuries to create beautiful decorative pieces, while zinc patina is becoming increasingly popular in modern design. Both types of antique patinas have their own distinct look and appeal, making them perfect for adding character to any decor or furniture piece.

We have developed these finishes in our studio for application to the products we make or for application to zinc sheets and copper sheets for supply direct to the trade. Sheets sizes up to 3m x 1m.

Other patina variations that we apply can be found on this page link. and also in our products galleries on Flickr.