Surplus Table Tops For Sale

Table Tops surplus to requirements at discounted prices

Please email with your full contact details for further details.

Prices are plus Delivery & vat

The natural ones can be supplied with an aged finish for an extra charge

8 Qty – Zinc Rounds – 60cm dia x 3cm – £120.00 ea

2 Qty – Copper Rounds – 60cm dia x 3cm – £145.00 ea

1 Qty – Copper Verdigris Round – 70cm dia x 2.5cm – £230.00 ea

1 Qty – Mirrored Brass Round (Slight Scratches) – 76cm dia x 3cm – Offers around £240.00 ea

1 Qty – Satin Brass Round – 60cm dia x 5cm – £140.00 ea

1 Qty – Zinc Light Patina Round – 88.5cm Dia – £160.00 ea

1 Qty – Zinc Light Patina Rectangle – 120cm x 60cm x 2.5cm – £160.00

1 Qty – Mirror Copper Oval – 200cm x 100cm – £499.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Rectangle – 150cm x 80cm x 2.5cm – £220.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Single D End (rivets to top perimeter) – 120cm x 70cm x 4cm – £150.00 ea

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Double D End – 224.5cm x 90cm x 3cm – £400.00

1 Qty – Dark Bronze Copper Rectangle – 75cm x 70cm x 3cm – £180.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Rectangle – 110cm x 45cm x 3cm – £100.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Square – 70cm x 70cm x 3cm – £130.00

1 Qty – Beaten Brass Round – 70cm Dia x 2.5cm – £150.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Square (studded edge) – 65cm x 65cm – £150.00

1 Qty – Natural Zinc Rectangle – 135cm x 41cm – £150.00



Hand Beaten Brass Sheets

We now manufacture hand beaten brass sheets, the finish is polished. It is supplied with a protective plastic film applied to the face.

Full Sheet size is 2000mm x 1000mm though we sell part sheets and cut to size

Beaten Brass

Blackened Steel

We now manufacture blackened steel for panel work etc, it is hand applied to give a rustic industrial appearance. It is not a monotone colour that is achieved by dipping process.  It is tones of steel with natural imperfections.

Blackened Steel Laquered

Distressed, (Rusted), Steel Sheets

We now produce design features in distressed steel. We use Corten steel and other mild steel sheets to produce interesting effects. The sheets can be made into table tops and feature panels. We manufacture these to order.


Farncombe           Corten doors

Distressed Steel

Hand Beaten Copper Sheets now available

These are produced by a traditional Copper Smith – Not machines. This is a rare product in the UK, it was popular many years ago and is now making a revival

We sell these sheets 2m x 1m or part sheets and cut to size. In house we can these into table tops or design features.

Beaten Copper

Large Zinc Sheets

Metal Sheets Ltd now stock the widest, (1100mm), zinc, (EN988), sheet sizes available in the UK, Lengths up to 3000mm and Thickness’ 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm,

Zinc Sheets on Pallet