Surplus Sheet Metal Stocks for Sale

Surplus stocks for sales at discounted prices + VAT & Delivery if required


Size mm

No. of
Price £
AlumiumPlain Mill Finish1050
0.7 2000 x 10008
Alumium Plain Mill Finish 10505.0
2000 x 10003£85.00
AlumiumStucco Embossed10500.8
2500 x 12502£20.00
AlumiumChequer Plate 5 Bar57544.5
2000 x 10002£75.00
Mild SteelHot Rolled HR41.5
2000 x 1000SOLD£20.00
Mild SteelHot Rolled HR41.5
2500 x 12503£28.00
Mild SteelCold Rolled CR41.0
2000 x 10004£15.00
Mild SteelCold Rolled CR42.0
2000 x 10001£35.00
Galv SteelHot Dip GalvanisedHDG1.02000 x 10007£18.00
Galv SteelHot Dip GalvanisedHDG1.22000 x 10003£22.00
Galv SteelHot Dip GalvanisedHDG2.0
2000 x 10004£35.00
Galv SteelHot Dip GalvanisedHDG3.0
2000 x 10003£50.00
Stainless SteelPlain Mill Finish 2B3160.5
2000 x 10002£50.00
Stainless SteelPlain Mill Finish 2B3160.9
2000 x 10005£65.00
Stainless SteelPlain Mill Finish 2B3040.9
2000 x 10006£40.00
ZintecZinc Coated SteelDC01+ZE0.9
2000 x 100054£15.00
ZintecZinc Coated Steel DC01+ZE 0.9
2500 x 12505£28.00
Copper MeshC1060.7
2000 x 1000SOLD£85.00

Copper Door Handles

Metal Sheets is launching a range of antimicrobial copper Door Handles. Manufactured from solid 99.9% pure copper these copper door handles can help reduce the transmission of infections from bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Metallic copper has the intrinsic property of being antimicrobial.

The handle was styled in-house and manufactured on our CNC machinery. This Push Pull Copper Door Handle, 240mm x 75mm, is aimed at new build or as a replacement for existing less hygienic stainless steel and aluminium handles.

Replacing existing door handles with Metal Sheets Ltd Solid Copper Handles is an extra defence in controlling infection transmission in factories, offices, restaurants, shops and public buildings for example. Door handles are high traffic touch surfaces.

Matching solid copper Door Kick Plates and Door Finger Push Plates can also be supplied.

This handle is 240mm x 75mm though we can manufacture other sizes to order.

Remember Metal Sheets ltd also manufactures solid copper table tops, copper counters tops and much more.

Installing copper products is an adjunct to good hand hygiene and cleaning practices, not a substitute. Copper provides a speedy and continuous reduction of microbes between touches and between cleans, for the lifetime of the product.


Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces

Metal Sheets Limited has produced this update on copper as an antimicrobial touch surface due to the resurgence of interest in copper caused by the current pandemic.

The following information is available on the internet from reputable sources, but Metal Sheets Ltd make No Public Health Claims.

Copper has the intrinsic property of being antimicrobial, this goes back 1000’s of years. Recent research has indicated that copper surfaces kill many common pathogens including MRSA in less than 2 hours.

Research in 2015 indicates copper is effective against Coronaviruses and a very recent research paper published in March 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine reports on Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 surface stability on Copper, Stainless Steel and Plastic.

The recent findings indicate the virus remains viable on Stainless Steel for up to 2 days and Plastic for up to 3 days, but only up to 4 hours on Copper though other research shown in NHS guidelines suggests corona viruses remain viable up to 5 days on inanimate objects in air conditioned environments and up to 8 hours on copper.

If you are looking at your work spaces Metal Sheets Ltd manufacture bespoke size retrofitting Copper Covers for Desk Tops, Counter Tops , Table Tops and Food Preparation Stations.

Door Push Plates are common touch surface, most are made of stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Metal Sheets Ltd manufactures door push plates in copper in bespoke and standard sizes. Different copper thicknesses are available depending on the duty cycle.

Copper Door Kick Plates or Large Copper Door Protection Panels, (up to full door size) available in bespoke sizes.

Metal Sheets Limited supply copper sheet to the trade and to the public. Full sheets, part sheets and cut to size, No minimum sizes. No job too small.
Our copper is 99.9% pure copper.


Disclaimer- Information provided by Metal Sheets Ltd about the efficacy of copper as an antimicrobial surface is based on current research and information publicly available from reputable sources on the internet. There is no guarantee that this is the latest information or about the accuracy of those sources.

Surplus Table/Bar Tops and Other Items For Sale

Table Tops surplus to requirements at discounted prices

Please email with your full contact details for further details.

Prices are plus Delivery & vat

Please allow approx 5 working days for delivery

All Natural/Satin finishes can be supplied with an aged finish for an extra charge


Metal Spinning

Metal Sheets Ltd now has in house metal spinning facilities.

We can spin Copper, Brass, Zinc, Pewter and Aluminium up to a diameter of 1000mm.

We can now produce round metal table tops on a fast turn around, these can be supplied in a natural finish or patina aged.

We can also engrave designs and logos on to the table tops with our CNC engraving machine. Our CAD department can assist you with design if required.

Surplus Sheet Metal Bargains

These are new metal sheets that are surplus to requirements.

They are either not part of our standard stock inventory or they may have imperfections.

Further information and details  are shown below.


8 SHEETS – 2000 x 1000 x 0.9mm

£200.00 each plus Delivery & Vat

New Metal Off Cuts Website

We have just launched our new revamped  OFFCUTS STORE  website. Where you can buy sheet metal offcuts in precut sizes. Copper, Brass, Zinc, Pewter, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless steel and more

The old store was not the best to use.

The new slick easy to navigate and easy to use site is now online

You can launch from the menu tab on any page or take a visit to this link

We now also take Paypal payments for a speedier purchase.

If an item size you require is not shown in the options just send us a message by hitting the CLICK TO MAKE AN ENQUIRY button, (shown on every page), or use details on the CONTACT US menu button. We can usually help.

New Copper Sheet Metal Stock 3000mm x 1000mm x 1.2mm

Metal Sheets Ltd now stocks best quality grade C106 copper sheet, half hard, mill finish.

The sheet is produced for us by KME so it is also polishing quality

The sheet is 3000mm long so Bar Tops, Table Tops, Back Splashes etc can be constructed with fewer joints.

So our stock copper sheet size range is now 4ft x 2ft, 2m x 1m, 8ft x 4ft and 3m x 1m.

Hammered Hand Beaten Brass Sheets

Metal Sheets Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of authentic hammered hand beaten brass sheets, the finish is polished. It is supplied with a protective plastic film applied to the face.

This hammered brass sheet is hand beaten by skilled traditional copper smiths

Full Sheet size is 2000mm x 1000mm x 0.7mm thick, and we sell part sheets and cut to size

We manufacture table tops and design features in hammered brass sheet.


hammered hand beaten brass

Blackened Steel

We now manufacture blackened steel for panel work etc, it is hand applied to give a rustic industrial appearance. It is not a monotone colour that is achieved by dipping process.  It is tones of steel with natural imperfections.


Blackened Steel Laquered