Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet

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See below our stock list of perforations from 0.75mm up to 10mm.

StockFinishHole DiaHole CentresO/A %Thickness mmSheet Size mm
3042B0.751.5230.62000 x 1000
3162B122312000 x 1000
3042B1.52.63012000 x 1000
3162B23.53012000 x 1000
3042B23.53012000 x 1000
3042B353312000 x 1000
3042B45.64612000 x 1000
3042B583512000 x 1000
3042B685112000 x 1000
3042B8105812000 x 1000

Metal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Metal, we offer Full Sheets and Cut to Size.

perforated stainless steel sheet
Perforated Stainless Sheet, Staggered Tee Pattern

 Sheet details

Our perforated stainless steel has a hole pattern which is a Staggered “T” so the distance between hole centers is the same in any direction. The term O/A in the table above stands for Open Area i.e the free area to allow flow of liquids or gasses.

The full size sheet 2m x 1m has an unperforated kerf, either around all the perimeter or along both 2m sides, the kerf is approx 10mm, so this must be taken into consideration when ordering either full sheets or Cut to Size


Perforated stainless steel sheets can be used for technical purposes such as strainers, filters and sieves in food processing, brewing and acoustic diffusers as well as interior design and architectural features. Our perforated stainless sheets are in grades 304 and 316 stainless steel as shown in the table below.

Note: We now offer circle cutting in perforated sheets up to 1000mm diameter. One off or quantity. 

Because of its durability and weather resistance many architectural building products are manufactured in perforated stainless steel, even whole building facades or decorative features like sun screens, balustrade infill panels and ventilators. The Lowry Museum Manchester makes extensive use of perforated stainless steel.

There are many functional uses for perforated stainless sheet because of its corrosion resistant properties, Filtering and screening is a major application in the food and brewing Industry. Tea strainers even.

Other applications include acoustic diffuser, speaker grilles, basket strainers, vibrating strainers for solids, waste paper baskets, street furniture, radiator covers.

Stainless Steel Grades

Grade 304 stainless steel, formerly known as 18/8 stainless, is the most widely used stainless. It has excellent corrosion resistance.

Typical catering uses for grade 304 are vats, bowls, pipework, table tops.

Grade 316 stainless steel is more corrosion resistant than 304 and is suitable for marine and coastal applications.

Typical catering uses for grade 316 are components used with more corrosive foods, (e.g. meat/blood, foods with moderate salt content) where frequent cleaning takes place

Grades of stainless steel higher than 316 are available for use in more corrosive environments such as hot brine, salty and slow moving foods.

Grade 430 stainless steel is a lower grade stainless and is suitable indoor uses. It has good corrosion resistance.

Typical catering uses for grade 430 are splash backs, table tops, equipment cladding and paneling and moderately corrosive environments, (e.g. vegetables, fruits, drinks, dry food etc)

Stainless Steel Grades Cross Reference and Typical Composition

AISIBSENComposition Cr / Ni / C
430430S171.401617 / 0 / 0.08
304304S311.430118 / 8 / 0.07
316316S311.440117 / 11 / 0.07
316L316S111.440417 / 11 / 0.03

Besides perforated sheet we also sell plain , brushed and polished finish in 0.9mm