Splash Backs are also known as Back Splashes, Backsplashes, Splashbacks or just Splashes, Metal Sheets manufactures Splash Backs to customer sizes both Trade & Public. Splash Backs can supplied with fixing holes or without for direct fixing. Upstands for the back of units, trims, cover strips and corner angles are also available.

Copper, Brass, Zinc, Bronze & Pewter are live metals and will naturally patina with age and use and become rustic. This is part of the charm. Lacquer can be applied to keep the original look but is does detract from that raw metal feel. Cleaning is with soapy water only, bees wax can be applied to moderate the rate of patina. Mirror finishes maintain with Brasso. Aged finishes also continue to patina.

Available Custom Sizes in Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Zinc.