Surplus Sheet Metal Bargains

These are new metal sheets that are surplus to requirements.

They are either not part of our standard stock inventory or they may have imperfections.

Further information and details  are shown below.


5 Sheets, Brand New – Copper grade C106, 8ft x 4ft, (2438mm x 1219mm), x 1.2mm. Extra Bright Polished on One Side with a 160 micron protective film to the polished face.

£300.00 each Plus Delivery & VAT


3 Sheets, Brand New – Copper grade C106, 2000mm x 1000mm x 0.9mm. Dull Polished Long Grain one side, (Brushed), with 80 micron protective film to face side

£100.00 each + Delivery & vat



15 Sheets 2000mm x 1000mm x 1.5mm. Some rust and scratches

£15.00 each + Delivery & VAT


Copper Patina 60

1 Sheet 900 x 500 Lacqered

£60.00 + Delivery & Vat