Table Top Edge Trims

Welcome to Metal Sheets Ltd, your premier destination for all your table top edge trimming needs. With 15 years of experience, we specialize in providing edge trimming services to contract furnishers and private individuals. Choose from a variety of styles, including brass edge bands, copper, stainless steel, and raw mild steel. Our table top edge trims can be customized with patina aging for a rustic touch or a mirror finish for a sleek look. And for an extra special touch, consider engraving brass trims with designs like a roman arch or fluted patterns. Trust Metal Sheets Ltd for all your edge trimming needs.


We are asked to trim a wide variety of table top materials, with oak and marble being the most commonly used. These materials are often accented with brass bands to add a touch of elegance. The thickness of the brass band can vary depending on the shape and style of the table top. In addition to brass bands, customers can also choose to add studs around the edge of the table. There are numerous options for the material of the studs, and the number of studs used is completely customizable based on the customer’s preferences. Table top edge trims add that finishing detail.

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