Wall Protectors


Aluminium Chequer Plate

Metal Sheets Ltd manufactures wall corner protectors and wall protectors in custom sizes.

Adding wall edge protectors and corner protection reduces maintenance costs and prolongs a good appearance in high traffic areas such as door ways, lift door entrances, building entrances, corridors etc.

We can drill fixing holes if required or you can fix with construction tape or adhesive as appropriate.

Aluminium chequer plate and galvanised steel wall protectors and corner protectors are rugged and industrial. Stainless Steel, copper and brass wall protectors and corner protectors are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Copper and brass will patina with age and become rustic looking.

Metals and Finishes:

Aluminium: Natural Semi Bright, Silver Anodised or 5 Bar Chequer Plate

Stainless Steel: Mirror Finish or Brushed Finish

Copper: Bright or Polished

Brass: Bright or Polished

Galvanised Steel: Natural

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